NSF I-Corps™

The NSF I-Corps HUB Academy is a groundbreaking endeavor built to equip researchers, inventors, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to transform their groundbreaking ideas into thriving businesses. Serving everyone from scientists, engineers, and academics learning to bridge the gap between research and real-world impact, to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to launch start-ups, we provide real-world, hands-on learning experience that improve the odds for successful products and processes that benefit society.

Serving Everyone
comprehensive program

Our unique and comprehensive program is designed to support our teams every step of their journey. Here’s what participants can expect from the NSF I-Corps HUB Academy.

NSF I-Corps collaborator VentureWell is on a mission to cultivate a pipeline of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges and to create lasting impact. In a dynamic partnership with the NSF, VentureWell is a vital player in creating and executing the NSF I-Corps Hub Academy. Extending their support in the classroom at I-Corps programming at NIH for life sciences and beyond, VentureWell and NSF work together to advance a National Innovation Network. 


The NSF Hub ecosystem brings together top experts in academia, industry, and entrepreneurship to create a dynamic environment for innovation and collaboration, as a part of the National Innovation Network (NIN). Through our network of Hubs, instructors and participants alike will have access to a diverse community of like-minded individuals, expanding opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and potential funding. 

Hub ecosystem