About the Program

The HUB Academy Course

We prepare instructors like you to lead your own I-Corps™ cohorts!

The NSF I-Corps™ HUB Academy program is the foundation for an innovation ecosystem that brings together scientists and entrepreneurs, engineers and business leaders, and industry partners with cutting-edge researchers to create an exciting mix of novel ideas for how to solve big challenges and new opportunities for commercial success.

Observe a National Cohort

Learn how to teach with I-Corps in real time by observing an existing cohort. To fully appreciate the nuances that occur when teaching a national I-Corps cohort, Hub Academy trainees will learn from our experienced cohort leaders by observing, not participating in, a national cohort. At the end of each observation, trainees will be debriefed on what was observed and what teaching points were conveyed by Hub Academy instructors.

Observe a Regional Cohort and Participate in Instruction

Take your first steps into teaching with interactive and collaborative simulated classroom activities and regional cohort observation. Trainees will receive first-hand experience with fictitious team presentations in the I-Corps style, participate in live-fire feedback practice and instructor critique, and have the opportunity to offer thoughts on how to move forward teaching.

HUB Administration, Managing Budgets, and Running an I-Corps™ Program

Receive critical details in running a successful I-Corps cohort. Running an I-Corps cohort isn’t all about teaching-instructors must be well-versed in administration, budgeting, and day-to-day operations of the program. Trainees will be provided with resources, information, and support surrounding the finer details of running a cohort.


Why You Need Training

The I-Corps Hub Academy is dedicated to training the best instructors to manage the best cohorts. Our course structure, curriculum, and strategies are proven to enhance entrepreneurship, success, and provide a better understanding of how science and engineering can serve the needs of society. I-Corps instructors must be well-versed in our course policies and strategies in order to best support and enhance our Teams, and help guide them to the best outcome for their technologies.

Classroom Management

Effectively manage your classroom in the I-Corps style. Our program supports trainees in making the switch from consultants to instructors, teaching techniques on how to keep your classroom engaged, how to recognize and correct common mistakes, and how to minimize confirmation biases in I-Corps participants. The Hub Academy guides trainees through this transition, so you can confidently step into your first classroom.

Providing Feedback

Learn how to provide thoughtful, relevant feedback. Providing feedback to your teams is a crucial part of being an instructor. Feedback sessions provide an opportunity for teams to showcase their findings, discuss customer interviews and market research, and present any pivots or adjustments made to their business model or technology. During these sessions, you will provide feedback on clarity and structure of reports; validation efforts to assess data gathering and analysis; learning and insight from customer interactions and market research; business model development to assess business model canvas progress; and presentation skills, including audience engagement, visual aids, and concise ideas.

Training For All

Creating an Inclusive Program

NSF I-Corps is deeply committed to creating opportunities for all the Nation’s communities. As an instructor, you are responsible for helping teams navigate implicit biases that may impact customer discovery interviews, and creating an inclusive and culturally responsive learning environment.

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